Neurotica cover art


Release date January 1992

Record label A&M

Tracklisting (click on a song title for lyrics)

  1. Neurotica
  2. Neurotica (Paul Revere's Midnight Ride)
  3. Juicy Eureka
  4. 1.W.G.S.
  5. Brand Name Skin


Carl Puttnam (vocals)
Mike Dunphy (guitar & keyboards)
William Potter (bass guitar)
Steve Goodwin (drums & percussion)
Al Clay (producer)


Track 2 "Paul Revere's Midnight Ride) is a remix with a hip-hop-esque beat and rap samples. Paul Revere's name and his "midnight ride" are well-known in the United States as a pivotal point in the history of the country. His role as a messenger in the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775 enabled settlements across Massechussets to rally troops and defend their land against British forces. He coined the famous phrase "The British are coming!" as he repeated throughout the "midnight ride".