Magic cover art


Release date March 1991

Record label Imaginary

Tracklisting (click on a song title for lyrics)

  1. Magic (Farsley mix)
  2. Magic (7" Stockport mix)
  3. Marjorie
  4. Beyond HAIR


Carl Puttnam (vocals)
Mike Dunphy (guitar & keyboards)
William Potter (bass guitar)
Steve Goodwin (drums)
Dave Creffield (producer & engineer)
C. Nagel (Stockport remix)
Carla Abraham (artwork)


The final Cud release on Imaginary Records. The band had outgrown the label - when single were selling the label didn't have the resources to get more singles out in the shops so that the band could chart in the top 40.

Cud never actually had a signed agreement with Imaginary until theire departure was confirmed. The boys signed to ensure the label didn't get ripped off in the future.