Showbiz cover art (front) Showbix cover art (inside)

Showbiz Reviewed


Release date April 1994
Record label A&M

Rerelease date March 2008
Record label Cherry Red

Tracklisting (click on a song title for lyrics)

  1. Somebody Snatched My Action
  2. ESP
  3. Waving and Drowning
  4. Sticks and Stones
  5. The Mystery Deepens
  6. Slip Away
  7. One Giant Love
  8. I Reek of Chic
  9. Not Necessarily Evil
  10. You Lead Me
  11. Tourniquet
  12. Neurotica

    2008 reissue extra tracks

    13. 1 W.G.S.
    14. My Need To Hurry
    15. Ski Bum
    16. Down the Plug
    17. Here Come the Old Flames
    18. Lighthouse Keeper
    19. Let You Down
    20. Take the Time and Read My Mind
    21. Wanting Isn't Getting
    22. London Nearly Killed Me


Carl Puttnam (vocals)
Mike Dunphy (guitar & keyboards)
William Potter (bass guitar)
Steve Goodwin (drums & percussion)
Al Clay (producer)

Mick Dale (bass on tracks 19-21)


The cover artwork featured a nail-covered box, the lid open to reveal a neon U with udders. This box motif was repeated elsewhere on the artwork - with a C and D on the back cover. Inside the box feature with different contents, firstly a framed photo of the band and three other times with contents that referred to the band's previous albums: money (When In Rome), the space baby doll (Leggy Mambo), belts and an elvis buckle (Elvis Belt) and some mannequin hands (Asquarius). The Showbix box fashioned by Leonike Kormelink, Richard Wise and Big Egg Design. Design by Jeremy Pearce and Simon Carrington.

Recorded at Funnyfarm Studios, Scotland and Konk, London. Mixed at Church Studios, London. Mastered at A&M Mastering Studios, LA by Arnie Acosta

The 2008 reissue includes the best of B-sides from the period (Tracks 13-16) and unreleased post-Showbiz demos.