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"...Film Me" Reviewed

When At Home, Film Me

Release dates 1990 (VHS)/30 May 2005 (DVD)

Record label Jettizsounds/Cherry Red

Tracklisting (click on a song title for lyrics)

  1. Push and Shuv
  2. Van Van Van
  3. Eau Water
  4. Manchester
  5. Strange Kind of Love
  6. Punishment/Reward Relationship
  7. Only (A Prawn in Whitby)
  8. Bibi Couldn't See
  9. Art!
  10. Robinson Crusoe
  11. I've Had It With Blonds
  12. Hey!Wire (promo video)
  13. Van Van Van
  14. Only (A Prawn In Whitby)
  15. Strange Kind of Love
  16. Art!
  17. Push and Shuv


Carl Puttnam (vocals)
Mike Dunphy (guitar & keyboards)
William Potter (bass guitar)
Cavedigger Susan (dancing)


Billed as "a conceptual film" based around a live gig at Riley Smith Hall, Leeds on 10 Nov 1989. The original video release also featured the Hey! Wire promo clip from May 1990. For the 2005 DVD re-release the 5 extra live tracks from Futurama 6 video were added, footage shot at The Palace, Bradford on 1 Oct 1989.

The DVD sleeve notes read:
Legend has it that sometime in 1987 a bunch of Leeds University art students found a drum kit in a rubbish skip. They looked upon the discovery as a sign and within weeks had formed a band - CUD. With a line up comprising of Essex born Carl Puttnam (vocals), Mike Dunphy (guitar), Steve Goodwin (drums) and William Potter (bass), they pretty quickly started to build a dedicated following in and around the Leeds area. Following a string of fairly successful singles, their 1489 debut album, When in Rome, Kill Me (Imaginary Records) found indie success and was quickly followed by 1990's Leggy Mambo along with the singles compilation Elvis Belt. In 1992 they signed to A&M - `because they had a trumpet in the logo' - and there they recorded a further two albums Asquarius (1992) and Showbiz (1994). Unfortunately critical acclaim and sell out gigs failed to bolster CUD's mainstream appeal, and the band unfortunately split in 1995.
This DVD comprises of two programmes; the first, When at Home, Film Me was recorded in the main during a live concert at Leeds University in 1990 on a truly memorable evening. It includes most of their early classics as well as a promo clip for the single Hey Wire! The second programme is the previously unseen footage of CUD's appearance at the 1989 Futurama Festival at the Palace in Bradford, where they shared the stage with the likes of James, Man From Delmonte and the Fall. Idiosyncratic they may have been but the band's ability to entertain simply cannot be doubted, the mixture of surreal humour and catchy melodies never failing to win the hearts of audiences throughout Northern England. Watch this DVD, celebrate CUD's short but inspirational existence and mourn their passing.