Elvis Belt cover art

Elvis Belt

Release date 1990
Record label Imaginary

Rerelease date March 2008
Record label Cherry Red

Tracklisting (click on a song title for lyrics)

  1. Slack Time (2'59)
  2. Make No Bones (2'19)
  3. Treat Me Bad (4'41)
  4. Punishment/Reward Relationship (2'33)
  5. Under My Hat (2'32)
  6. Lola (3'33)
  7. Urban Spaceman (1'05)
  8. Art! (1'51)
  9. You're The Boss (3'01)
  10. Only (A Prawn In Whitby) (3'06)
  11. Hey! Wire (Stratospheric Mix) (2'54)
  12. I've Had It With Blondes (3'41)

(2nd CD with 2008 reissue)
Elvis Handbag

  1. Mind the Gap (Peel session)
  2. Everybody Works so Hard (Peel session)
  3. BB CUDn't C (Peel session)
  4. Bohemian Rhapsody
  5. Manchester
  6. Purple Love Balloon (original version)
  7. Possession (original version)
  8. Remember What It Is That You Love
  9. Marjorie
  10. Down Down
  11. Magic (1994 unreleased single mix)
  12. Living Changing
  13. Before Tomorrow
  14. Judas Kiss
  15. Back Door Santa (hidden track)
  16. Weirdy Beardy (hidden track)


Carl Puttnam (vocals)
Mike Dunphy (guitar & keyboards)
William Potter (bass guitar)
Steve Goodwin (drums & percussion)
Dave Creffield (engineer & producer)


A collection of tracks featured on early Cud singles and EPs. The version of Slack Time has been re-recorded as the original master tape had been lost/stolen.

The cover image does indeed feature original Cud guitarist Dave Read (aka Elvis Belt) sporting the Elvis Belt that gave him his nickname. Carl Puttnam's midriff is also featured.

The record is incorrectly labelled on the spine "Only You Can Take Me There".

Vinyl copies of the record included a cartoon strip by William Potter.