Hey! Bootlegd cover art

Hey Bootleg!

The first collection. The tracklisting was chosen via convoluted democratic processes (and arguments) and the Space CUD-ets mailing list. Tracks prepared and CDs burned by Mr. Rob Park.
The WIRKM tracks have been beefed up a tad, just so the whole thing sounds more together.

  1. Now (Leggy Mambo)
  2. Strange Kind Of Love (WIRKM)
  3. Eau Water (Leggy Mambo)
  4. Alison Springs (WIRKM)
  5. Down Down (from NME compilation "Ruby Trax")
  6. Hey! Wire (single)
  7. Bibi Couldn't See (WIRKM)
  8. Hey Boots (Leggy Mambo)
  9. Punishment-Reward Relationship (Elvis Belt)
  10. Van Van Van (WIRKM)
  11. Love In A Hollow Tree (Leggy Mambo)
  12. Bohemian Rhapsody (from "Elvin Lives In Leeds" compilation)
  13. Magic (Leggy Mambo)
  14. Push And Shove (WIRKM)
  15. Oh No Won't Do (single)
  16. Robinson Crusoe (Leggy Mambo)
  17. Purple Love Balloon (Hey Wire! B-side)
  18. Only (A Prawn In Whitby) (WIRKM)
  19. Remember What It Is That You Love (Clawfist Single)
  20. Slack Time (Elvis Belt)
  21. I've Had It With Blondes (WIRKM)