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Cud - 'Showbiz'

After some years languishing in indie's murkier depths, Cud's second major label album reveals a group displaying dangerous hints of accomplishment and maturity that belie their quirky monicker.

A crisp production on Waving & Drowning and Slip Away breathes new life into the energetic guitar-driven rhythms of their previous efforts, while singer Carl Puttnam has ironed out his shakier vocal moments into a confident delivery which soars and then croons convincingly throughout the material.

Elsewhere, there is the gentle pop of You Lead Me and flavourings of Crosstown Traffic in Somebody Snatched My Action, while the meandering Tourniquet is the closest they've yet come to balladeering.

Still, it's comforting to know that even if Cud have their sights set on the commercial successes enjoyed by, say, James, on the strength of Showbiz, Puttnam is still capable of producing a lyric like 'I asked directions where/Was a market square/To sell my donkey there'.


Tom Doyle