Leggy Mambo reviews

Cud - 'Leggy Mambo'

Q Magazine

Former art students at Leeds Polytechnic, Cud first traded their individual brand of warped funk in 1987. Championed by RadioOne's John Peel, they've built up a sizable live following in Yorkshire and the Northwest, while never quite realising their potential on vinyl.

Leggy Mambo harnesses the knob-twiddling talents of former XTC member Dave Gregory for a collection of whirlwind melodies and operatic vocals courtesy of Carl Puttnam. The LP's true sign of quality is that its only single, the heavily percussive Robinson Crusoe is matched by several other left-field groovers.

Sidestepping the current trend in indie/dance fusion, Cud are a law unto themselves and this LP is their finest work to date.


Iestyn George