LIVE: Alternative TV / Cud / Mothmoth

Leeds Astoria

Sounds September 26 1987

Thank God for Cud! The name hints at possibilities and the music muscles in with the geniune article.

Like Age Of Chance, Cud is feeding on the carcass of Great White Funk, that phenomnenon which started with the excitement and optimism of A Certain Ratio and ended with the cruel, never ending narcolepsy of Wet Wet Wet, Hue And Cry etc etc.

Cud have digested it and mutated it horribly into a simple beat driving four cartoon characters through their dance paces The Bash Street Kids play Earth, Wind And Fire. Or, in this case, Hot Chocolate, their deliciously uncool version of 'You Sexy Thing' stealing the evening's honours as it is often wont to do.