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Cud - 'Elvis Belt'

Q Magazine

Championed by John Peel and frequent guests of The Wedding Present on their live travels, Cud are an idiosyncratic four-piece whose taut rhythms have won them a small but devout following in their native Yorkshire.

Elvis Belt (1990) is a collection of singles, B-sides and cover versions made available for their crazy band of space Cudets.

It surpasses much of their other recorded work, including last year's disappointing debut When In Rome, Kill Me and highlights include novel interpretations of Lola and Urban Spaceman.

The band's wry humour lends itself well to Only A Prawn In Whitby - allegedly the tale of a former manager's love communion with Morrissey, and the defiant I've Had It With Blondes, further accentuates by Carl Puttnam's operatic vocals.

Although Cud are rather conveniently associated with the growing movement which marries guitar music with dancefloor tendencies. Elvis Belt (1990) is conclusive proof that they are quite simply out on their own.


Iestyn George