CUD - When At Home, Film Me (Jettisoundz - 12.99)

JETTISOUNDZ, THE one video outlet with sufficient insight to capture the magnificent Chameleons on celluloid, have again come up trumps with "When At Home, Film Me". A subtle derivation of the band's "When In Rome, Kill Me" debut LP, When At Home... is basically a warts 'n' all live production from Cud's most recent performance at hometown Leeds University, which successfully traps raw nerves aplenty as it shuffles down a singularly groovy path.

Shot beneath especially dim lighting, the film itself retains a jerky, slightly unreal aura, as Cud prance around in sepia-ish tones. The editing is spot on throughout, as moments from the group's everyday lives are inserted without spoiling the gig's momentum.

These dips are particularly amusing too, highlighting (amongst others) Carl Putttnam's penchant for ridiculous pink suits, plus a lonely obsession with tailors' dummies and some fascinating close-ups of the rust-encrusted (cough) Cud tour van. In addition, the sound quality is irrefutably good, with Cud allowed to showcase a cross-section of their daffy pop maddness from 'Eau Water' through 'Only (A Prawn In Whitby)' to new single 'Robinson Crusoe'. Bassist William Patter doubtlessly maintains his drinking duck axe heroics throughout the entire set!

As Cud are graduating to larger venues, When At Home.. seems like a near-perfect way to record the passing of one era, whilst leaving open the door for the next.

Tim Peacock