CUD - Leggy Mambo (Imaginary LP/CD)


After several false starts from mini-albums and collections of 'rarities'; Cud are going for it. They've always been a bit self consciously wacky, renowned to weird lyrics, obscure titles and strange cover versions.

'Leggy Mambo' is Cud at 30; mature enough to tell a story, following it through, without exaggerating. It's also sprightly and zestful : "Now!" is the first track, a speed propelled jolt for a lazy early morning. twisting and playing with lyrics. Carl establishes his place as the Pavarotti of indie; his voice a warbling, robust bellow, which howls relentlessly through every bar on the album. 'Leggy Mambo' is dance-friendly with 'Hey Boots' a welcome guest at every (groan) 'indie-dance' night in the land. 'Love Mandarin' is a truly passionate, unlocked and honest love-song. Cud have been labelled as a cross between The Monkees and The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Bond, but lines such as "I'm quite sure I've never seen a mattress so tainted and corrupted' show Cud as innocent parties failing into traumatic experiences and coming up as fully developed musical personalities.

Cud might have grown up, they might have seen some life, they now write songs about their now knowledge, staying impressive because of a huge strain of nagging humour. 'Leggy Mambo' is a furrowed brow a huge, dubious smile


Penny Anderson