Lyrical Errors

CUD: Once Again (A&M)

Amazing fact! Sean is a Cud virgin; he's never heard a note of them before. Sadly, although this is Cud's first hi-profile slowie and a reet good 'un, it is no way to meet them for the first time. Carl's confirmed 'good set o' pipes' are left in the cupboard and 'that' drummer is clearly off backpacking in the Cairngorms with friends (lucky sod). When Carl sings "I thought the truth/ But I was lyin'" it sounds just like "I was lion" Ha! Gooey Christian clapalong "Day By Day" out of Godspell on the flip. Still no nearer to showing them off to Sean.

S: I thought Cud were a big guitar band This reminds me of Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy And 'Day By Day' actually sounds too respectful to the original. I think bands should do an A-side and then do a cover of it on the B side, a good version of it. We skip to extra track and oldie 'Eau Water' to demonstrate what Cud are really like. and it's a bloomin' accoustic skiffle version! QED, Sean has still n never heard The Kings Of Lion Pop!

S: I've forgotten the single already. But I'll be humming "Day By Day' for about a year