Lyrical Errors

Single of the Week

CUD - Purple Love Balloon (A&M)

Cud have matured beyond all recognition in the past two years. They've always had a kind of skewed elegance about them, and the noise they make certainly contains all the qualities of majesty and grace that one generally looks for in a group. They're just heavily coded. Some people miss them altogether. See, even in the days when Cud records ended up sounding like they'd been recorded in an empty tomato tin, the boys would talk about the music with an earnestness that would have frightened Mahler. For this alone, Cud are to be commended. Furthermore, in Carl they have a showman, a voice and a lyricist (yes, really!) of note.

"Purple Love Balloon", the floating aubergine on whose cover suggests that Carl may not be singing about the object of the title in an entirely literal fashion, is, you'll have gathered by now, fabulous. It's lush, funky, laden with sexual frustration, anticipation and release, a celebration of life in every sense. This is a great moment for pop. I feel all emotional.