Leggy Mambo reviews

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Cud, Leggy Mambo (Imaginary Illusion 021/MC/CD) from Select Magazine

For so long the archetypal 'quirky' indie band. Cud have adapted to the 1990 dance-monster style without changing their sound a jot.

Swept along by the guitar histrionics of Mike Dunphy, West Yorkshire's very own Jimi Hendrix, the songs on 'Leggy Mambo' show just how much sparkle there was hidden away beneath the muddy old indie production sound. XTC's Dave Gregory has been recruited for that important professional sheen, hopefully steering the Cud love bus into the LP chart proper.

'Leggy Mambo' cracks off with the mentally agile 'Now!', all thrusting elbows and wobbly knees - too fast to dance to, but definitely bathtime singalongaCud. 'Heart', with its Motown-like thumpalong beat, is the kind of thing more desperate bands would have remixed, not realising that magic doesn't always derive from that clattering funky drummer sound.

As usual, Carl Puttnam's vocals are a strident car crash blend of Morrissey and mental patient - on 'Hey Boots' they strain against a whip-cracking backdrop, and 'Magic' smooths them into an almost Billy Mackenzie-like croon.

All in all, this is the LP people always hoped Cud had in them, a corking blend of eccentric English rock.


Mike Noon