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Carl Puttnam of Cud & Ruth Proctor

"I just tell him he's stupid and useless all the time..."

"I think he thought I was a bit of a trollop," smiles 21 year-old Ruth Proctor. "Every time he saw me I was drunk with my friends, carrying on..." Ruth has known Carl Puttnam for about two years, just bumping into each other around Leeds. She never really fancied him, just knew him through William from the band - "I thought he was a nice young man". She was actually a bit shocked when she started going out with him. There'd been a big group of them out celebrating a friend's birthday, down the 10p-a-pint student night. It was Carl's last night in Leeds before he was to go on tour and he was stupidly drunk, rolling around on the floor in his new T-shirt. Ruth wasn't much better, and somehow they ended up together, walking back to her house. Carl thinks he said something like, "can I hold your hand?" Ruth isn't sure - all she remembers is making him wear her pink wincyette pyjamas with little lambs on and him pretending to talk in Russian all night. That was September 1991.

Ruth, who is funny and very gorgeous even when nursing a woollyheaded hangover, doesn't mind when people treat her like a bimbo because she's seeing Carl. She plays up to it and gives them her autograph as well. She and Carl get on because they think the same things are funny, they've got the same taste (she gives him things like an Athena picture and he'll appreciate its value) and because they've got the same politics. She wasn't really ever a Cud fan - she preferred house music but she likes some of the new stuff. Because she's well-read and knows about English literature, Carl sometimes asks her about lyrics: "But I just tell him he's stupid and useless, I take no notice," she says

Ruth likes Carl because he's a total pacifist, and the only time she gets annoyed at him being a pop star is when he gets shouted at in the street.

"Like the other week," she says, "He went out wearing a full safari suit. with the hat and the shorts and socks up to his knees. Everyone was laughing at him and I wanted to sock them. That's the only time I'd ever get nasty."

Pic: Neil Cooper