Lyrical Errors

FAMILY CAT/CUD 'Strange Kind Of Love'/'Remember What It Is That You Love' (Clawfist)

Single Review

Clawfist is rapidly getting its act together as the Brit alternative to the Sub Pop singles dub. Their policy of getting two indie bands together an the same 7-inch covering a song by each other sounds novel, but the first product produced incredible results from Walkingseeds and the Bevis Frond. This one was always going to prove more difficult, featuring 'unfashionable' bands as opposed to 'cult' stars. Maybe it's the fear of being outdone, but both acts here perform the other's track with gusto and finesse. Family Cat just about steal the honours with their stirring guitar rampage but Cud impressively prove they can get through a song without quirking out completely Time to join the club. Only available by mail order from: Clawfist Records, 20 Hanway Sit, London W1.