Leggy Mambo reviews

CUD - Leggy Mambo (Imaginary)

VOX Magazine

Ground control to Leeds-based funky foursome, are you receiving me? After a wobbly concept debut and a robust compilation. Cud turn In their strongest set of tunes yet Finally escaping the orbit of their much-discussed student artiness, Leggy Mambo' finds them firing off in all directions and only occasionally lost in space.

Having dispensed with the low tracks whose names and shapes hark back to the rigid and relentless scrape of earlier efforts - 'Hey Boots', 'Eau Water', 'Now" - we find a fresh subtlety and sophistication which is very welcome riffing organs, sloppy handclaps, beatnik bongos and some much needed variation in Carl's operatic bellowing.

Not Exactly D.L.E.R.C.' and 'Carl s 115th Coach Trip Nightmare' (snappy titles are not their forte) strip right dawn to the bony tribal percussion and melodic guitar splashes of early James But coursing through this album's veins is a meaty and organic dance stance, pumping adrenalin into snub-nosed single 'Robinson Crusoe', the hypnotic hum of 'Magic' and the loose lucid funk-out of 'Brain On A Slow Train'. Spaced out clever bastards


Stephen Dalton