Old Masters 1999-2012

13 unreleased studio recordings made over the past 13 years with various line ups. 7 Carl Puttnam original songs written in collaboration with Mike Dunphy, Alaric Neville (co-producer on When in Rome Kille Me) and William Potter, two songs written for Carl, one by Chumbawamba's Boff Whalley and 4 covers including a new interpretation of the song that launched CUD's career, "You Sexy Thing". Full track details, below.

These tracks come from the sunset days of analogue tapes and were recorded at various locations in Yorkshire as the mood and muse took him. Essentially a compilation of songs Carl has written and sung since his move back to Leeds from London in 1999, this album fills in the long gap in his musical cannon between CUD's "Donkey with a Fez On" in 1995 and the 2012 CUD tour. No album will ever sound the same or be made in the same way again so take of your gloves and enjoy.


Signed Pre release CD copies will be available only at CUD gigs on the Jubilee tour, downloads and mail order release will follow later.