Archived News Updates (beware the broken links)

  • Brand New Single! Punishment

    Apr 27 2008

    To commerorate the final four dates, CUD are releasing a new CD single – a brand-new meaty recording of Punishment-Reward Relationship backed with four live recordings from Brighton Barfly: Now!, Only, Living in the Past and Strange Kind of Love.

    This strictly limited-edition release of 2,000 is available for order online.)

  • No More CUD!

    Apr 27 2008

    Arrive early for the Leeds Rios show. At the gig billed as the last-ever show, CUD are planning a mammoth double-length set with guest musicians galore. Several 'classics' unheard since the early nineties are being rehearsed with an 'interlude' likely to make grown men weep.
  • The Scala it is!

    Apr 01 2008

    Finally we can announce that our penultimate show in London on Friday May 2nd is at the Kings Cross Scala. All tickets bought for the Garage are valid.

    First it was asbestos discovered during renovations that delayed the gig, then it took longer to fix than thought. Then we were told we had sold fewer tickets than expected and were due to play the teeny Camden Barfly.
    Then, when true, much better ticket figures were in it looked like we'd have to play twice on the same night in the Barfly. Now, sensibly, we're playing a decent central venue. Hope you can all make it!
  • Handbags at dawn

    Apr 01 2008

    After frustrating delays, April 14th is the release date for the remastered, expanded Showbiz and Elvis Belt/Elvis Handbag double CD.

    Amongst extra tracks on Showbiz are a choice selection of single b-sides and several unreleased post-Showbiz songs never before released, including London Nearly Killed Me, a demo recorded by William with lyrics added by Carl after CUD split.

    For the first time, Elvis Belt contains the original single mixes of Slack Time and I've Had with Blondes, lost when the master tape was stolen.
    Elvis Handbag is packed with rare singles, Peel sessions and covers, plus, for the first time, the last two tracks recorded by the original line-up of CUD, Before Tomorrow and Judas Kiss, and (as hidden tracks) CUD's two Xmas flexi singles.
    Click on the titles for details of all extra tracks.

    Leggy Mambo – Gold Top Copy, with rare demos and alternative mixes, will follow a couple of weeks later. (We want to get this one just right!)

    It ends in Leeds

    Feb 18 2008

    Back where we started, (gulp!) 21 years ago, CUD are confirmed to play two gigs around the rescheduled London gig, including what is planned to be our last gig for this revival. (See you again in 10 years time!)
    Gigs are:
    Thursday 1st May Leicester Charlotte
    Friday 2nd May London Highbury Garage
    Saturday 3rd May Leeds Rios.
    Tickets are now on sale.

  • Tour news/Reissues

    Feb 10 2008

    Those who bought tickets for the forthcoming London Highbury Garage date should have been informed that, since asbestos was discovered during the venue's renovation, it will not be open on time.
    The rescheduled date is now Friday 2nd May. Tickets are valid for the new date.
    CUD are planning two more final dates either side of this. The setting for what is planned as the final CUD gig (pending offers of milions of quids) should not be a surprise. News soon.

    Timed with the dates in March are the remastered reissues of Leggy Mambo, Showbiz and Elvis Belt through Cherry Red Records.
    All three will be jammed with extra tracks, many never released on CD ( including bootlegs) and some 'hidden tracks'.
    Elvis Belt is to be a double CD with a whole second volume, currently named Elvis Handbag, of rare tracks from the archives right up to 1995. The provisional release date for all three is March 10.
  • History in the making

    Jan 13 2008

    The history section of this website now reaches right into 1995 (not a classic year for CUD). Check out work in progress by clicking on the HISTORY link. I've also discovered some old negatives from 1985 and uploaded these images to the pages - check out those haircuts!

    The last CUD tour?

    Dec 21 2007

    Dates have just been booked for what is likely to be the last ever outing for the CUD band, to coincide with reissues/remasters of their remaining three albums, Leggy Mambo, Showbiz and Elvis Belt.
  • Tickets are now on sale for the following 2008 dates:
    (Click on highlighted venues for ticket links)
  • Wed 5 Mar: Glasgow Barfly
    Thurs 6 Mar: Liverpool Barfly
    Fri 7 Mar: Cardiff Barfly
    Sat 8 Mar: Birmingham Barfly
    Fri 14 Mar: London, Highbury Garage
    Sat 15 Mar: Barfly at the Gloucester, Brighton
    Sun 16 Mar: York Fibbers
    Thurs 20 Mar: Cambridge Barfly
  • Karaoke CUD

    Aug 13 2007

    Thank you to all the stars on stage at Leicester De Monfort Hall on Saturday. With baby Reuben keeping the world waiting for two weeks, the band converged on Leicester for the Summer Sundae Festival, from different directions without knowing if Carl would be joining them or attending the birth of his second child!
    As it turned out, Reuben arrived just hours before CUD were due on stage, leaving the father no time to rush down from Leeds. So, we started Karaoke CUD!
    If you were one of the brilliant punters who stood in for Carl, please email us and claim a free Tshirt, signed by the absent Carl! (It's the least he can do! ;) )
    You were all fantastic!
    Maybe we should make it an annual event! (Not sure Megan will be up for it...!)
  • Congratulations!

    Aug 13 2007

    Congratulations are due to Carl and Megan on the birth of their second son, Reuben, born at 1.30pm on Saturday 11 August. (Click here for cute baby photo!)
    For all of you who came to see CUD in Leicester, this is old news – see above!

    Jul 28 2007

    Click on the title to download and print an exclusive 4-page extra insert for the NEW! ASQUARIUS CD. The bonus insert includes the alternative, unused album sleeve, in-studio shots of the band and contributors, plus something Carl wanted adding!
  • T-shirts! Get Yer T-shirts!

    Jul 10 2007

    Brand-new designs (see left for one design), plus the last few of last year's cool designs now available online!
    If you couldn't get to one of our shows, didn't have the spare spondulicks, or just want to reinvent your whole wardrobe – click here to shop till you drop!
    I want a CUD T-shirt now!
  • Brand New Single!

    Apr 27 2008

    To commerorate the final four dates, CUD are releasing a new CD single – a brand-new meaty recording of Punishment-Reward Relationship backed with four live recordings from Brighton Barfly: Now!, Only, Living in the Past and Strange Kind of Love.

    This strictly limited-edition release of 2,000 will be available at the London and Leeds shows. (Sorry, we couldn't get it ready in time for the others. If any are left after Leeds, they will be available for order online.)
  • Summer Sundae Weekender

    Jul 6 2007

    5 weeks till CUD hit the stage again. Here's a reminder and a link to the poster, line-up and website: Summer Sundae Weekender. Hope to see/hear some folks in Leicester for CUD on the Saturday.

  • The Story of CUD, pt.1

    Jul 5 2007

    Slowly, but surely, the original diary-style history of CUD, originally (and still) part of is being incorporated into
    The first three parts from 1985 to 1986 are already here: THE CUD STORY, PT.1.
    More to follow soon.

  • Welcome back!

    Jun 29 2007

    Now the officlal source of CUD news and archives, is now back as Reset your bookmarks and favourites!

    Kudos to Sir Gareth Senior for all his astonishing work putting together this site, and for his generosity in passing on the baton to the CUD Band to continue.
    I will try my best not to screw up his code!
    William Potter, bass

  • When in Rome, Asquarius reissued!

    Jun 29 2007

    After years of insane bidding on ebay, finally CUD's classic albums are going to be available again, and very sensibly priced at lower than their original cost! (Who can knock £5.99!)

    Both 1987's rock opera When in Rome, Kill Me and 1992's Asquarius are remastered (Rome was never even mastered in the first place!) and bulging with rare and unheard extra tracks. The packages also include 12-page booklets with sleevenotes by Carl, William and many other creative types involved in the albums' production.

    Full tracklistings to be revealed exclusively on this weekend!

    When in Rome, Kill Me and Asquarius can be pre-ordered through Click on the album titles or covers (right) and whip out your credit cards!

    Both albums are released on July 30th, with remastered, expanded CDs of Leggy Mambo and Showbiz planned for September release.

  • Leicester Summer Sundae

    Jun 29 2007

    The Cud band reconvene to play a string of dates this summer. Following a raucous appearence on the Left Field Stage at Glastonbury, and a warm-up at London's Islington Academy CUD appear next in a Saturday slot on the bill at the Summer Sundae Weekender in Leicester on August 11th.
    Lest you feel left out in the boroughs and backwaters, plans are afoot for a full tour in September/October to coincide with the second batch of reissues.

  • Strange Kind of Paxman

    Dec 19 2006

    Cud's "Strange Kind of Love" has been used as incidental music on BBC 2's "Newsnight" programme.

    The intro of the re-recorded version of the song provides the background music to a feature called "Oh My Newsnight" which consists of short films submitted by viewers.

    Newsnight host Jeremy Paxman can barely mask his
    disdain for the feature, but BBC sources report that he's a big fan of the Cud boys*.

  • Dunphy on

    Sep 21 2006

    Former CUD guitarist and songwriter Mike Dunphy has made some of his post CUD recordings available via Billed as the sounds of "The Ancillotti Brothers", the demoes feature his brother Mark on vocals.

  • 2006 tour finishes

    Sep 21 2006

    The CUD 2006 tour finished at Leeds Irish Centre amid strong rumours that the CUD band will reform again next summer for a Glastonbury date and other festivals. View photos from the tour

  • Miles Hunt to support at Irish Centre

    Sep 01 2006

    Wonder Stuff frontman Miles Hunt will take a break from recording songs for the Underground Ernie cash-in album to perform a support set for the CUD band on the final date of the 2006 tour. He will be performing a solo acoustic set at the Leeds Irish Centre on 18 Sep. It's not known whether Miles plans to perform solo material, Wonder Stuff songs or a mix of the two.

  • Early albums for re-release

    Aug 29 2006

    Yep, the first two CUD albums are rumoured to be slated for re-release next year. Carl Puttnam announced from the stage at Tunbridge Wells Forum that "Whe In Rome, Kill Me" will be re-released by Fontana Records. Both releases will be augmented with previously unreleased bonus tracks.

  • All you CUD, CUD people - Embrace the truth

    Aug 22 2006

    The "chart band" that CUD were due to support has been announced as Cleckheaton-based anthemic rockers Embrace. CUD cheekily asked the Embrace lads to fill the vacant support slot at Leeds Irish Centre. Despite a rebuttal the date at Lincoln's Engine Shed has been organised. Tickets available from the usual outlets.

  • Reunion tour photos

    Aug 21 2006

    Photos from gigs around the country now online. Click here to see. Photos courtesy of Lee Petty, Tel Keenan, Space CUDets icklesugarplum & gothievilpixie plus tsingtao on flickr.

  • Tee-shirt designs released

    Aug 10 2006

    To accompany the 2006 tour there will be three different tee-shirt designs available for purchase. Designs are available to preview here.

  • BBC 6 Music session

    Aug 09 2006

    Cud performed a session on Gideon Coe's BBC 6Music Show today at 11.40am. They played 3 songs: Only (A Prawn In Whitby), Love in a Hollow Tree and The Dream Is Killing Me. The session will shortly be available on demand on the 6Music website.

  • London Supports Announced

    Aug 04 2006

    Support acts for the 17th August show at London Islington Academy have been announced as The Pollinates (featuring the drummer from Pulp, check for more info) and Tim Tan Yen a karaoke-style keyboard & vocals act.


    Aug 04 2006

    Only three days to go until The Anthology is released. The lovingly compiled package comes with a 12-page booklet complete with sleevenotes by William Potter and CUD's original press agent Mick Houghton and a wealth of images from the band's own archive.

  • BBC 6 Music Session

    Aug 03 2006

    Cud will be performing a session on Gideon Coe's BBC 6Music Show on Wed 9th August. The show runs from 10am to 1pm. 6Music is a digital-only radio station broadcast via DAB, most cable and satellite networks and online. The show will be available to listen to on the internet upto a week after broadcast.

  • Second Leeds Gig Announced

    Jul 28 2006

    Due to phenomenal demand (and choosing a venue too small), Cud have announced a 2nd Leeds date for all those too slow to buy tickets to the first and anyone for whom once is not enough. They'll be playing Leeds Irish Centre on Tues 19th Sept. This is definitely the final Cud date of 2006, possibly the last ever! Tickets on sale soon from the usual outlets.

  • New Tour Dates Added

    Jul 10 2006

    Two new dates have been added to the upcoming tour:
    Tunbridge Wells Forum, Friday August 25th
    Leicester Charlotte, Saturday August 26th.
    Tickets available through and the usual outlets.

  • "Best Of" Tracklisting & Artwork Announced

    Jun 28 2006 today made "Rich And Strange: Anthology" available for pre-order and, in doing so, offered a first glimpse of the tracklisting and artwork. More details here. Most intriguingly, the tracklisting reveals the inclusion of three tracks never available previously, not even in bootleg format!

  • New CUD Tee-Shirt Action

    Jun 26 2006

    New T-shirts will be available to purchase at the upcoming gigs, Potter tentatively announced today.

  • Cud Tour Dates Announced (No Dunphy)

    Jun 19 2006

    The Cud Band today announced five live dates to support the release of a best of compilation on Universal Records: Newcastle Academy 2 (Aug 14), Liverpool Academy 2 (Aug 15), Birmingham Academy 2 (Aug 16), London Islington Academy 2 (Aug 17) and finally a triumphant homecoming at Leeds Cockpit (Aug 18) which sees Carl revisit the scene of his hugely popular pop quizzes of the nineties.
    The role of guitarist, usually the domain of Mr. Mike Dunphy, will be filled by Mr. Felix Frey who has previously collaborated with Steve Goodwin and former Cud co-horts Dave Lazonby & Richard Formby.

  • Re-releases & "Event"

    Jun 19 2006

    The ex-Cud members are currently trawling through old tapes with "serious plans" of making the back catalogue available in 2006. It's hoped that more material may see the light of day. As for reforming, William: " would both surprise and delight me" but expect some Cud "events" in 2006!

  • The Mooted 'Best Of'

    Feb 28 2006

    Plans are afoot to see a "best of" released on Universal Records. Ex-Cud Bassist William Potter, in an interview on Lauren Laverne's Xfm Breakfast Show, also mentioned the possibility of performances to support the releases.

  • 6Music Interview Online

    13 Apr 2005

    6music Lest you missed it, you can now listen to William Potter chatting to Jane Gazzo on 6Music. Although the original broadcast was a crystal-clear stereo digital signal, I've now compressed the hell out of it so that you can pretend you're listening to AM radio. Click here to listen.

  • When At Home, Film Me: Cud DVD Released

    13 Apr 2005

    DVD "When At Home, Film Me" is now available on DVD. Originally released in VHS format in 1990, the footage consists mostly of a live performance at Leeds University augmented with home-vide-style footage and animation (courtesy of Mike Dunphy). The VHS video also included the promo video for the Hey! Wire single release.
    Full tracklisting: Push and Shuv, Van Van Van, Eau Water, Manchester, Strange Kind of Love, Punishment/Reward Relationship, Only (A Prawn in Whitby), Bibi Couldn't See, Art!, Robinson Crusoe, I've Had It With Blonds, Hey!Wire.
    To buy online, try Amazon.

  • 6Music Update: William Potter Interviewed

    29 Mar 2005

    Potter This from the 6Music website:
    "Monday's Dream Ticket: We kicked off the week with a Housemartins Headline Set from Glastonbury 1987. Also from '87 there was a Peel Session from Cud, and The Optimist LP from Turin Brakes was the Featured Album."
    As well as playing out the Peel Session, host Jane Gazzo interviews William Potter.
    You can listen to the show online until next Monday, 4th Apr. Click here to listen. The Cud content kicks off 1hr 15 minutes into the show.

  • Cud On The Radio

    21 Mar 2005

    Jane Gazzo CUD are featuring on Jane Gazzo's Dream Ticket on Digital Radio Station 6 Music on March 28th between 2200 and 0100.
    The Dream Ticket consists of recordings of live performances from the BBC vaults. The 28th March show will also feature sets from The Housemartins & Turin Brakes.
    If you can't tune in when the show is broadcast - it will be available on demand during the following week from 6Music's website.

  • Knowing Where It All Leeds

    11 Nov 2004

    Puttnam writing partner and former Bridewell taxis manager Alaric Neville put together "Knowing Where It All Leeds", a Leeds scene album back in 1991. He recently stumbled across a quantity of CD and vinyl copies of it which he's willing to give away, in exchange for hard cash. It's £10 pounds a copy UK, £11 elsewhere. Postage included. Email for information and details about where to send your hard-earned cash.

  • Feel Free To Potter Around

    03 Feb 2003

    The Rt. Hon. William Potter (bass-playing comic artist, world traveller and budding novelist) now has his own site at www.williampotter. There's some early photos, flyers and journal extracts from the early days of Cud as well as loads of other stuff. Nice.

  • TABS & Bootleg Reminder

    05 Jan 2003

    Tabs (courtesy of Space CUDet Chris Griffiths) are now plentiful. There's 16 songs for you to butcher. Nice.
    And a quick reminder that the Bootlegs aren't currently available :(
    But sign-up to the CUDets mailing list and ask around, maybe someone will oblige.

  • CUDSTOCK... naked

    23 Dec 2003

    Available for your listening pleasure is an aural document of the 2002 Christmas gig at London's very own enormodome, the 12bar. Also included on the 18-track CD are other recordings from various locations around Leeds in the run up to the gig. The final track is Carl and Alaric Neville's reading of "Born InThe USA" (see earlier news). More details here.

  • The Kinda Guy Who Loves A Bossanova Baby

    28 Oct 2003

    Congratulations to Carl Puttnam & his partner Megan - the proud parents of a brand new baby boy, Roddy (8lb 14oz). Mother and son are well.

  • Carl Puttnam Track On Anti-War Release

    update 04 feb 2003

    The Stop The War Coalition in Leeds has compiled a nineteen-track compilation CD called 'Pockets Of Resistance' which features a track from Carl Puttnam and Alaric Neville.

    Messrs Puttnam & Neville offer a laidback squeezebox version of Bruce Springsteen's "Born In The USA".
    Other notable Leeds-based acts Chumbawamba, The Ukranians and Lazerboy also contribute tracks.
    The CD costs £8 and is available chiefly in record shops in Leeds. You might also try writing to: LCAW, 1 Broomfield Road, Leeds, LS6 3DE. All proceeds go to the Stop The War Coalition.

  • You Want A Tonka CD?

    update 04 feb 2003

    Well, there's some shiny new ones:
    When In Rome Again - The When In Rome Album performed live in Bradford and video footage form the same era. Nice cover art too.
    Carl At The Kit-Kat - An eclectic Carl Puttnam DJ set

  • You Want A Bootleg?

    update 23 january 2003

    Well, now's the time. There's a shiny new bootleg in the shape of BB Cudn't C, featuring loads of radio sessions stuff and splendid artwork by Adrian Bamforth. The previous two bootlegs are also now available for a limited time only. If you want a bootleg, sign-up to be a CUDet or check down the bottom of the bootlegs page.....

  • Puttnam Gig Over. Happened. Was.

    update 18 December 2002

    And there's a handy report here.

  • Puttnam Gig - SOLD OUT

    update 20 November 2002

  • Puttnam Gig Almost Sold Out, Goodwin To Hit Things

    update 15 November 2002

    Just a smidgeon over a month to go and it's almost sold out (capacity at the 12Bar is only around 130). So book ASAP if you want to be there! Tickets are £10, to book by phone call 020 7209 2248. The promoter at MMMNice has also intimated that original Cud Drummer Steve Goodwin will be involved along with "several other CuD cohorts".

  • Carl Puttnam Gig Announced

    update 14 October 2002

    Tuesday 17th December (coincidentally, William Potter's Birthday): 12 Bar Club, Denmark Street, London.
    Following last year's successful performance, and teasingly labelled CuDSTOCK, the latest Carl Puttnam gig kicks off with a little light DJ set from Carl. Some never before seen video footage of the WIRKM launch party will also be screened before the man himself takes to the stage. No word on who'll feature in the line-up, but Alaric Neville will undoubtedly be joining Carl onstage.
    Tickets are 10 of yer english quid, to book by phone call 020 7209 2248.

  • Another Carl Gig, Maybe

    update 23 September 2002

    Not much new news - but there are rumours of another Carl Gig. Things are on hold at the moment as Carl's about to become a dad and he's busy career-wise, but stay tuned!

    Another rumour - 'Chateau de Carles' sales rumoured to have passed the 600 mark, if you haven't got one yet, more fool you. Purchase details here.

    And, finally, there's another Space-CUDet bootleg in the works. The follow-up to Hey Bootleg and Not Completely L.E.G.I.T. is a collection of BBC session tracks and is tentatively titled 'BB Cudn't C'.

  • Carl's 12Bar Performance on CD

    update 14 May 2002

    You can now get your hands on a CD of Carl's 12 Bar performance.
    The release, entitled 'Chateau de Carles', is 17 tracks of top quality banter & songs both old and new.

  • Cud Video Online

    update 14 May 2002

    A snatch of "When At Home, Film Me" is now online, courtesy of This is/was the only commercially available CUD video. It was filmed at The Leeds Warehouse. You can watch Strange Kind Of Love in a RealMedia format. Click to watch the low stream, high stream, or download the whole 6Mb caboodle. (Cheers! to Ade Bamforth for the link) There's been a few lyric updates too. Thanks to Leanne for having a bash at the French verse in L.O.P.H.E.

  • update 18 January 2002

    Lyrics to the first three Donkey Fez tracks added. A big 'cheers!' to Space Cud-et Roger for these.

  • More Archive Cud Available?

    update 09 December 2001

    Tonka Inc. have announced that they will following up the release of "Donkey With A Fez On" with a CD featuring 'When In Rome' era audio and quicktime video. The video was shot way back in the eighties (remember them?) at the Leeds Warehouse when the band performed "When In Rome, Kill Me" in full, with actors providing in-between song dialogue.

    A recording of Carl Puttnam's 12 Bar performance is also a possibility. Email to remain in the know. Further details will be posted here too...

  • New CUD CD!

    update 29 November 2001

    Added a page about Donkey With A Fez On, the "unreleased classic" Cud CD that was on sale at Carl's 12 Bar Gig.

  • update 22 November 2001

    A quick review of Carl's performance at Twelve Bar. For anybody who wasn't there, you missed out. Carl in top form, crowd loving it. Old Cud songs re-worked, slowed down and brought back to life! Nice. There's photos too!

  • Carl Puttnam Gig.

    update 29 October 2001

    It's unconfirmed but rumoured that Carl will be performing with Alaric Neville at the 12 bar on the 21st of next month. Alaric was a long time Cud co-hort. He also worked as a producer and co-writer on Carl's post-Cud demo. Other work includes producing/engineering Lazerboy (featuring Steve Goodwin on drum duties) and Wedding Present-offshoot The Ukrainians. He was (and maybe still is) part of punk-folksters The Oysterband (biog courtesy of All Music Guide).

  • update 05 October 2001

    Bootlegs section added - just cover images and tracklistings, nowt special.

  • Carl Puttnam London Gig!!

    update 26 September 2001

    Rumour reaches us of Carl Puttnam booked to play a set in London on the evening of 21st November. Venue is The 12 Bar Club, 22-23 Denmark Place, London WC2H 8NL. Capacity is 125. That's all I know...

  • update 24 September 2001

    The William Potter webchat transcript is now here. (Don't expect this kind of prompt fulfilling of promises as a matter of course).

  • update 19 September 2001

    Woo-hoo! It's been many a month since the last update (gah! I'm so slack). Here's a quick up-to-date: We had all the mp3s on I-drive for anyone and everyone to download... but I-drive died. You can get most stuff from audiogalaxy or join the Space Cudets and someone clever will xplain something complicated in such a way that it becomes simple. Ok?

    We had a webchat with Mr. Potter. It was kewl. William answered most, if not all, questions in good humour. Transcript to follow.....

    The other news is of confirmed sightings of Carl Puttnam. He works in an Oddbins in Leeds somewhere, rumours circulating of a Puttnam performance in the coming months (performing with "somebody you might expect me to perform with" - all very cryptic and xciting stuff!)

    The Second Cudets Bootleg was (and still is) a corker. Entitled "Not Exactly L.E.G.I.T." it's a double CD with rare and unreleased material (demos of Leggy Mambo tracks, a cover of "Like A Virgin" as well as the very first CUD recording!) Details about this (as well as the first bootleg) when I can be arsed. Which might be never.... (at least I'm honest)

    Finally, Kirsty sez "T-shirts are all gone, sorry".

  • update 25 April 2001

    Tee-Shirts are go! Lucky people around the globe are now being mailed brand new cud tee-shirts featuring original Philip Bond artwork. Anyfolks wanting one should email Space-CUDet Kirsty S.

    Other news is that the second Space-CUDets CD looks like being a double CD! The Right Honorable William Potter has furnished us with some unreleased stuff while some CUDets are still clamouring for album tracks and b-sides on CD. If you're interested you'll have to become a CUDet, so sign-up and stampede with the rest of us.

  • update 09 March 2001

    I've uploaded the lyrics to Manchester (provided courtesy of Iddo - cheers mate!) and I've also got to mention Philip Bond's site at Bond is the guy who produced the Cud caricatures on this site. As well as other Cud stuff he's done loads of other cool stuff too numerous to mention here (although special mention for my personal faves Planet Swerve and Wired World).

    Also, the Dope Smugglaz track featuring Carl Puttnam is now on I-Drive to download (account name 'cudets2').
    And finally, if you're not already lurking on there, get yerself onto the Cud-ets mailing list - new T-Shirts (featuring Bond artwork) and a new CD of rarities to come (hopefully) - maybe even some unreleased stuff if we can cajole it out of Mr. Potter and Mr. Puttnam! How kewl is that? (oh, and if you're an objectional employee of A&M/Polydor/Universal reading this - feck off right now, you're a bastard, and so are all your mates).

  • update 23 January 2001

    First up, here's a list of all the mp3 stuff that's on, as oft requested on the mailing list...

  • update 08 January 2001

    Happy new year! First up, a big thank you for everybody who was involved with the Hey Bootleg! compilation, especially Rob Park who deserves a medal or something. We (the lucky few) now have a brand new Cud CD! Following the efforts of the Space-CUDets in compiling as many Cud tracks as possible in mp3 format available for download, a few CUDets took things a step further to produce a compact disc of the tracks voted as favourites. Twenty-one of the finest, on CD! Quality artwork provided by the talent of Adrian Bamforth. (More details when I get around to it).

    Today's noteworthy update is the addition of three more articles, culled from the pages of the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, saved for the last eight years by my sister and only recently uncovered by archeologists. Or something. (One of these articles has a very familiar byline - no prizes for guessing the scribe's true identity)

  • update 06 November 2000

    Update courtesy of Kate Jones (cheers Kate!) in the form of three new articles, all culled from the pages of The new Musical Express over the last ten years. There's gig reviews from Manchester's Hacienda and from the Adelphi Ballroom in Hull. Nice. There's also Cud's contribution to NME's review of 1990.

    Anybody else out there got any clippings, they'd like to send me? (finger and toe nails will not be appreciated).

  • update 22 June 2000

    Not much to bring you since the last update - there's a few more lyrics sorted out (well on the way to a complete library) and some new articles - a press release that accompanied the original release of "When In Rome..." and a "Where Are They Now?" article taken from Q Magazine (Feb 1998).

    But the most exciting news is the mp3 project being carried out by the increasingly dedicated Space-CUDets on the mailing list. You can now downdload in mp3 format the entirity of Leggy Mambo, Showbiz & Asquarius. There's even some rarities like the cover of "Down Down". Exciting stuff huh? All this stuff is stored on idrive - visit the accounts named 'cudets', 'cudets2', 'christhecudfan' and 'cud' to download these files - a hefty download, but worth it!

    Oh yeah, for the first time since this site came to be hosted on tripod pages, the guestbook works - hooray! Please feel free to abuse this facility at your leisure.

    As always, a big 'CHEERS!' to all the Space CUDets on the mailing list for info and enthusiasm. until the next upload - C'ya!