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Lyrical Errors

You Lead Me

Forget me at top speed,
You know I already forgot you,
Louise, you'd be a greater fool than I,
If you ever thought that I loved you,
I've got to leave for the coast tonight,
There's no more left for me to do,
Please don't try and tempt me with another slice,
'Cos how can I forget you?

You Lead Me Astray.

Each time that I loved you,
I'd try to make it plain to see,
I know my heart was bold,
But my love is cold,
I keep it under lock and key,
I try I decide to describe you,
I'd say a gun left at the scene of a crime,
Evidently spoke under oath,
And I hope the prints dissolve in time.

I took off in a hail storm,
It must have been a truly rotten year,
The way events seemed to pile up,
It must have filled you with an awesome fear,
On the phone I speak in muffled tones,
I try to sound so far away,
Forgive me if you've heard this line before,
But I hope we meet again someday.