• The lyrics "we're ripping off a Pastel's song..." is a reference to the song 'Truck Train Tractor' by the afopre-mentioned Pastels.
  • The acronym CB stands for Citizen's Band and a "breaker" is CB slang for a CB user.

Lyrical Errors

Van, Van, Van

I want to be a truck-driving man,
I'll pick up other breakers on my CB,
Pick up my friends and ride to the sea.

I wish I had a caravanette,
But I've never had the money yet,
We'd race around and follow the sun,
'Cops we all know that summer means fun.

Sidecar on a motorbike,
At a roadside stop, pick a flower, The wind blows through my hair and psyche,
We'll wave and shout 'LOVE POWER!'

Don't moan, I've done nothing wrong,
I really, really don't give a damn,
We're ripping off a Pastels song,
That fell off the back of a van,
It fell off the back of a van,
I own up, it fell of the back of a van.