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Lyrical Errors

Undoubtedly Thomas

I wanna take you down,
To the seedy end of town,
Dodgy goods proliferate,
Make our management frown,
But there's fruity booty,
That I'll spend on you and me.

Let's pray that he's got something for us,
But don't you know there's no doubting Mr. Thomas.

I got a letter a young lady wrote,
When I get my beautiful leopard-skin coat,
Fake fur and leather and I said in my note,
'Cos Mr. Thomas he always gets my vote,
'Cos it's groovy retail,
Something he got wholesale.

On Friday
When there's rubber there,
You'll see the world
I'll only wear a fur if it hasn't been killed,
Shhh, he'll give me earache.

From the b-side of the "Through The Roof" single release.