Appears On...

Lyrical Errors


I've reached that time when I ought to know,
It's been one year and a day since you've gone,
In the light of a hurtful sun,
You won't hide the crimes that I've done,
But the moon and the stars all know,
And in their tender light they won't show.

My friends and even my enemies say,
Put on a brave face and try to be gay,
Tie up your wounds with a tourniquet,
Late Friday evening,
And you'll still find me bleeding,
The there's Saturday.

There are some things that I think you should know,
My sky's been daubed bloody red since you gone,
I can't wait till the coming of dawn,
So I sleep with the bedroom light on,
Always love me and don't leave a trace,
Next time Succubus, show me your face.

Incubus speak and I was told,
She leave your heart on fire,
'Tho her skin is cold.