• One of William Potter's favourite Cud tracks "because it cheers me up"
  • The video for Through The Roof was also named by William as one of his favourite Cud moments
  • The 12" single release included "The House That Cud Built", a cardboard cut-out-and-build house designed by Glyn Dillon.

Lyrical Errors

Through The Roof

You don't believe I love you,
But you know my heart's true,
Can't explain this feeling,
It's like insider dealing,
Number one has gone through the roof,
Number two won't believe it's the truth,
You only know it tastes right,
And it sounds out of sight,
It feel so good, this case is watertight.

Please don't wear a frown,
No weight can hold us down,
As plain as plain as plain can be,
Is that I love you and you love me,

I hold you in the morning,
Feeble light dawning,
Kiss you budding flower,
At that sensual hour,
I look inside to see what I can find,
But her fingers unwind,
But the rest of your lotion,
Makes me a flunk with emotion,
I'm drunk on the potion number nine.

Number one has gone through the roof,
Number two can't believe it's the truth,
Number three can't take any more,
Number four exposed to it's core,
Number five given up and gone home,
Number six... oh what the heck is going on?