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Lyrical Errors

The Mystery Deepens

It's the first time in my life that I've given a damn,
'Cos you see I'm in love with Miss Thing,
And her beautiful thang,
I only wanted to grow fond,
Yet the mystery deepens with each wave of her wand,
The the mystery deepens with each wave,
Of her wand,
Take the stuffing out of your bra,
It's only there to disguise how wonderful you are,
How wonderful you are.

She spends her time just sleeping,
While the mystery deepens,
With each wave of her wand.

Forgiveness is God's job,
And it sure ain't mine,
Right time wrong place,
I'll pay you in kind,
I haven't got any money,
that doesn't mean I don't want you,
Please give me a chance to explain.

How can I take the blame?
I don't know what you dream,
But I've seen so many things,
That don't seem what they seem,
Is that your natural colour?
Because if it is there's really no need to bother,
There really is no need,
I'm sure you'll discover,
We always make love so lazy,
You seem to reach deep inside of me,
Your rouge comes of in my hand.