Lyrical Errors

The Day Crime Paid

I heard about his cover story,
He was a kind of quattro-centro kind of guy,
Saw him spying 'mongst tabernacle,
Kitchenware the name of his game.

I looked and looked and looked for a lead,
I followed where it led.

Four days in the roughhouse,
Four days ago a white flag,
Give me a pencil and a paper to write with,
And I'll give you a red flag.

Out in the hubcap mirror,
Spied Elephant Bill by the drugstore,
"Follow that taxi, man" I cried,
Accelerator foot-sore.

Quattro and Bill made a rendezvous,
Envelope containing backhander,
I wrapped up the case with a 'how-do-you-do?'
Everyone's doing it now these days.

That Was The Day, The Day Crime Paid.

This is the final song of the 'When In Rome, Kill Me' collection.
These lyrics taken from a lyric sheet provided with a promo copy of the album.