Lyrical Errors

Strange Kind Of Love

Hey when I found you,
You looked for all the world,
Like some cat strayed,
The same cats who languish on dustbins,
At the end of my street,

I've got a whole store of SFX,
On my bedside table,
So that when you can't go on no more,
I will still be able,
I got a whole lot of love and it's all just for you,
you know that eternally I will be true,
that's a strange kind of love,
Strange Kind of Love,
Strange Kind of Love,
Strange Kind of Love,

I was picking through Dickens,
Tattered hardbacks and stuff,
You were obviously attracted by my scent,
By my, by my hint of rough,

Time flew,
I shortly found out the workings of your mind,
You really should return back to the jungle,
Straight back, right back,
To your uncivilised kind.