Lyrical Errors


Stay with me,
Lay with me,
Make a play for me,
Stay and keep me awake,
Tickle me,
Lay on me,
Move around, go up and go down,
But don't stay in one place too long...

Stay, I must be going,
Stay, Without knowing,
Stay, I've stayed too long,
I know I'll put your rights wrong.

Take your time,
Who needs time?
Relax and take your time,
Don't get caught up in the rush,
There's no crime,
Our time is our own,
I've been waiting too long for this,
Please don't let me down, just turn around.

Running away under the moon,
Then I will be in heaven with you.

Stay with me,
Stay close to me,
I need your company,
Please accompany me,
Come to me,
Succumb to me,
Put your hand in mine,
Let's seal our love with a kiss.