• Features Mike Dunphy's brother Mark on harmonica.

Lyrical Errors

Soul Food

He told me sing for myself,
Just let the audience listen,
I noticed something was missing,
If only doubting Thomas was here,
He alone could wipe away my fear

Introduce me to a mother,
I now love him like no other,
He's my taxi-driving brother,
And my psychic bread and butter

At 50 miles an hour,
He talks to the flowers,
Employing pedal power,
Summon up the [devil] in his lonely tower,
Couldn't revive this queer guy power

When you find out what's real,
You'll find out it's no big deal,
When the mushroom speaks its mind,
You'll find out that life's unkind,
You'll find out life's very unkind,

[???] my friends,
You'll have to wait at the other end,
[???] send...