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  • Before the Showbiz album was released this track was included on a cover-mounted cassette given away with Select magazine.

Lyrical Errors

Somebody Snatched My Action

Somebody snatched my action,
Somebody sure gonna pay,
I've been robbed of my distraction,
Things that lead my mind astray,
If Lisa's gonna make a commitment,
I'm sure I'd say 'I do' today,
The things that people said in private,
Are the things that people shout today.

Somebody snatched my action,
I hope to Christ it was not you.
My papers sense a funny reaction,
And I can always taste the glue,
It seems that Jane forgot the lotion,
You stared like it was a crime,
The great debate across the ocean,
Is can we get the damn thing finished on time?

If you loved me,
Then you would share me,
You know it's 'cos I love you,
That I always spare you.

Somebody snatched my action,
That somebody sure weren't you,
I got a positive description,
That's positively desilu,
Nicky's up in arms about the way,
That Lucy came and broke the news,
And Sharon's always beyond caring,
She always is once she's spoke her view.