• Lyrically this song was inspired by The Church Of The Sub-Genius

Lyrical Errors

Slack Time

Well I'm a boy, and your my girl,
And we're the most Über in the whole damn world,
I can see us both, and we're holding hands,
On the cover of a box of golden sands.

Slack Time.

There's a dragon chasing us, wonder where we're going?
Dragon thinks he knows, but the girl wants to show him,
He's talking in rhyme,
She's taking her time,
How simple it could be when it's one two three.
I'll tell you how the girl got her name,
Dressing up box 1986,
I got my very own from the very same,
lets hope we .....get to Planet X.

I got my very own, from the very same.

And there's a time to be tight,
There's a time to be slack,
And that's a slack time.