• The Kit-kat Club mentioned in the second verse was a club night in Leeds where Carl Puttnam used to DJ

Lyrical Errors

Ski Bum

I see a dude coming down the slope,
I'm tired off messing so I raise my hope,
My luck is in and I made the snatch,
something something something got a flaming hatch.

Put on your skis and have some fun,
Woah Ski Bum,
That's the way for whatever we want,
Woah Ski Bum.

Kit-kat club's coming into sight,
I take my baby there on friday night,
My stars key wins, giving me carte blanche,
I hear the rumbling of an avelanche.

You never told me you were a ski bum!

I take refreshment from St. Bernard,
I wash my face but the water's cold,
I got a wrist when my skiing's done,
You'll find us here but you'll get no fun.

Everybody know's you're a ski bum,
It's written all over your face!