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Lyrical Errors

Rocks At The End Of the Bay

It's 3 am and Leeds is wrapped with rain,
We make a beeline for the nearest train,
Let's go away and not come back again,
Until the poorest of people have got money to spend.

They say that the bad dreams do never come true,
All summer long I've been dreaming of you,
We crossed the bridge and I knelt down to pray,
Her hair is deep gold at this time of the day.

He felt possessed by the spirit of place,
He was crushed by the weight of the sky on his face,
I reached for his heart but he could not show me his hand,
We were washed by the brush the waves on dry land,
We stood a while by the cemetery gates,
My mind was ticking like a tectonic plates,
The ghost of young princes,
Welcomed us to their homes,
And I welcome the chance I had ?????????

We climbed the rocks at the end of the bay,
I don't mean to press my feet where I lay,
She whispered "love", didn't know what to say,
The sky is deep blue at this time of the day.

Room Service offered but we wanted more,
The band in the bar played "Dark Side Of The Moon",
And we laughed at the thought that life ends far too soon.