• The lyrics to this song were allegedly inspired by the 1981 TV movie "Vendredi Ou La Vie Sauvage" starring Michael York.
  • Released as a single on Imaginary Records and reached number 86 in the charts

Lyrical Errors

Robinson Crusoe

Every Tuesday Sunday spied him,
Wriggling round on a triangular mound,
Let me teach you justice economics,
Shillings and pence,
You know they don't make no sense,

How can you sell me sky and the rain?
They're not of you however much you claim,
Please don't let the colour of my skin,
Flavour your culinary coq-au vin.

Vigour, vim and a perfect trim,
It made him one sunny gym,
I'd really like to be more than an arm's throw,
Away from Mr. Robinson Crusoe.

Friday's daily dose of opiates,
On my strict moral conscience it grates,
So way of punishment I sent him down,
To a bamboo prison in a bamboo town,
Friday's puzzled looking old,
He really can't tell what he's done wrong,
Look Mr. Crusoe, I can't dig this,
Why punish yourself for an indulgence in bliss?