Lyrical Errors


I won't work nine-to-five,
That's my profession,
It's not the way I want to live my life,
That's my lesson,
And being friends with you's just too much work for me.

When I see a hippy I just want to beat him up, When I was young and never heard of cross-collateralization,
It's the word the boss will say when he don't want to pay,
And when I hear it now I get a queasy sensation,

You want me to save money to buy Paris’s
silky slips and filter tips,
But I don't want to earn an honest day, It's just a heavy trip,
We’ve even tired of this,
I won’t work nine-to-five
I don’t do nine-to-five
And being friends with you’s too much hard work for me
I don't mean to diss work,
But I won't do your piece work.

I make registration, just to tempt the fates,
Guarantees that your mother hates me,
And I'll keep it up,
'Cos nothing grates like piece work,
Or hourly rates.