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  • Pink Flamingo was performed as part of Cud's set at the 1992 Glastonbury Festival

Lyrical Errors

Pink Flamingo

I remember a girl,
Like a flamingo
She caked and fill,
Wherever the wind blow,
Legs made of candy
The wind was our only friend,
her kiss was ever so lovely,
But now I'm just waiting for my hear to mend.

It's so much a world direction,
What do you know?
I never seem to know,
This is an alarming impression.

I know of a girl,
Who walks like a flamingo,
She wore the cheap scent,
Of dewberry.
I'm gonna see her tomorrow,
Gonna taste those lips so....
Always ex-directory,
The wind was our only friend.

Slack oozed from her pores,
Like molten jelly,
I'm gonna see her tomorrow,
I'm sorry that I never ever told her so,
The phallus was our only friend.