• It was suggested that this song was written after the band had seen the superstar of pop, Morrisey while on a day trip to the seaside resort. At that time Mozza had taken a very public and militant stand for vegetarianism. However, the CUD band would have you believe they saw him sampling the fine prawns of Whitby. The man in question turned out to not be Morrissey but a lookalike.
  • The original tile of the song was "Only (A Day In Clichy)"
  • Featured at Number 15 in John Peel's Festive Fifty

Lyrical Errors

Only (A Prawn in Whitby)

- A ticket please!
- Where to sir?
- Well, how does the saying go? All roads lead to Rome.
(But how does the other saying go? When in Rome, Kill Me. Hmmm.)
- Will that be a return ticket?
- No, better make this one a single....

Only you can take me there,
Say it, say it, let's catch a train to anywhere,
Only it's your usual riposte,
Only, only and the moment's lost,
My heart is such a sight obscene,
And only the rain could sanctify,
When your eyes are green my love,
The wind your tears will dry.

Only my heart still loves you,
My heart, my heart,
My heart begs just to be broke in two,
Only when that comes to pass,
Only then will I be free at last.

Only a Prawn in Whitby

It's only flesh and blood you know,
Stamping, threshing, thrashing, pumping blood you know,
You turned your hatred into an art
Stamping and thrashing all over my heart.