• This single was the last ever official Cud Band single. It failed to chart.
  • The various formats released included live tracks, 'Look On Up At The Bottom' and 'Find It', two songs originally featured on the soundtrack of Russ Meyer's movie "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls"..

Lyrical Errors

One Giant Love

I wore my finest lace and at whirlwind pace,
Got lost in outer space,
I found the perfect place,
And it's close to you,
Moist against my face.

How'd I find you that's what I asked you,
Did they warn you I'd love to love you?

Clouds will part revealing,
Heavenly host from above,
I can't help the feeling,
It's gonna be One Giant Love.

I should be trusted least,
With the finest beast,
Took the highway east,
I asked direction where,
I'd find the market square,
And sell my donkey there.

That's when I saw him a villainous grin,
He didn't mean to look the taddiest keen,
Empty-handed but for one magic bean.

Thou hast nought to fear,
For though I love you dear you really don't come near,
I've been unkind to you, but what else can I do?
For if in love not true,
This has undone me, make my love clumsy,
I've made a mountain from a lovebite again,
And after all this can we sill be friends?