• When this song was released as a single the band wanted to use the model of a knight an horseback, as used by Anglia TV as their logo in the 1970s, for the sleeve artwork. However, the record label were unable to secure the rights
  • The 12" release of the Oh No Won't Do EP came with a set of postcards, the limited edition 7" with a map of the world according to Cud and a set of stamps.

Lyrical Errors

Oh No Won't Do

I've killed a man in Madagascar,
The only way to make my heart beat faster,
I crashed a bus in Buenos Aires,
Lost four lives in dangerous cities.

Folks round here call me private enterprise,
They're neither right nor wrong,
My friends and me cause all your miseries.

I've hired rooms,
Leave a strain in her matter,
Dressed in lurex,
To sell marijuana,
I've poisoned fish in Santiago,
I wind folks up,
See how far they go.

What do you mean?
You've no grounds to complain,
I'm just doing the best that I can.

I've built reactors,
In East Anglia,
Flown a dozen,
Makes folks angrier,
Slash and burn in Montevideo
It's the only solution that they know.