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  • The most oft-asked question about Cud is "What does D.L.E.R.C. stand for? According to William Potter, DLERC is not exactly the initials of a girl Carl was seeing and the song is not exactly about her.
  • 'Leggy' refers to the manager of the parody band The Rutles, 'Mambo' was randomly chosen from Carl's rhyming dictionary and 'Gold Top Copy' was the model name of Mike's guitar at the time

Lyrical Errors

Not Exactly D.L.E.R.C.

Are you really as far out as she is in,
How come you're always finishing,
When the others begin?
When you're in view,
You're really out of sight,
you definitely will when the other ones might.
Not Exactly D.L.E.R.C.
Your hands fit mine so comfortably,
Your lips are spectacular,
Your love so molecular.
Not Exactly D.L.E.R.C.

There's a kind of light at the end of the day,
There's a kind of time when there's nothing to say,
The day is long when it's without a song,
Leggy Mambo Gold Top Copy, you know it ain't wrong,
Not Exactly D.L.E.R.C.
Your lips fit mine so comfortably,
Your love so molecular,
Your lips are spectacular.
Not Exactly D.L.E.R.C.

In the year of our lord, 1869,
Was brought into the world a good friend of mine,
The state that I'm finding, it seems so astounding,
I hope you like this bubble-car I'm driving around,
Not Exactly D.L.E.R.C.,
Your hips fit mine so comfortably,
Your lips are spectacular,
Your love so molecular,
Not Exactly D.L.E.R.C.