• First song from the 'Showbiz' LP to be released as a single. It scraped into the UK top 40 at Number 37.
  • Carl Puttnam revealed in an interview with the NME that the lyrics had been inspired by the book "The Story of O".

Lyrical Errors


I can see let me through your skin,
When you hold it up against the light,
Please don't blame it on the moon again,
Pleasures navigate the night,
Stretched like a yawn and gaping,
Greet me with the coming dawn,
Treasures I can't stop escaping,
Frisky little thunder storm.

Spread my bed and punish me,
Torment me with your sorrow,
Lacerate me, lacerate me.

Don't try to mask your sores,
Engulf me in a siege of flesh,
You draw a gun, you open doors,
Beckoning a violent death,
I'm afraid you're not,
I trust your feelings are oh so right,
Our friend insomnia has many lines to write tonight.

I fail I lapse into this style,
When I grapple with your smile,
I hash attempts to reconcile,
When I grapple with that smile.

Take me in your scarlet hands,
And bless me with your vorpal sword,
Such a delicious arrival makes for,
Such a bitter sweet concord,
Your face is wracked with tiny aches,
Remnants of tomorrows schemes,
Still until the dazzle breaks sleep,
And catch the thread of dreams.