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  • The Magic Alex character also features in the lyrics to another Cud song - "My Keyhole Won't Keep Secrets Anymore".

Lyrical Errors

Magic Alex

And if you ever don't expect,
Your specials effects to effect,
I feel it's not too circumspect to expect,
A call from a Mr. Magic Alex,
A certain man called Alex.

I tell you something I've found,
I keep my feet on the ground,
Something duty bound,
There's always someone to say,
That you changed since the day before yesterday.

And if you're the type who's inclined,
To wine, dine and dilly-dally,
I'm sure you're the kind,
To share some time with my Aunt Sally,
A certain Mrs. Sally.

And if you've ever felt the need,
But you've been finding it hard to remember,
I know you truly indeed,
Require the service from a friend of mine, Emma,
A very good friend of mine called Emma.