• Released as a sing on Imaginary Records it peaked at number 80 in the singles charts
  • Was included on several indie compilations.
  • The song was also re-mixed in preparation for a 'Best Of' compilation project which was shelved on the band's split.
  • Magic is the song that convinced major labels that Cud were capably of writing a crossover pop hit.

Lyrical Errors


It's magic when you hold in your arms,
A girl that can take you to other realms,
It's magic when you meet in your dreams,
A girl that can burst all of your trouser seams.
It's magic when you find on your tongue,
A taste that reminds of when you where young,
It's magic when you hold in your arms,
A girl that loves you,
A girl that told you,
That she,
Loves you.

It's tragic when the girl of your dreams,
Runs off with a boy who's not what he seems,
You reach with your arms and find no-one there,
Spending all of your time with your hands in the air,
It's tragic when you're alone in your bed,
With no companion but the needle and thread,
It's tragic when love comes to and end.

It's sad,
When love comes to an end.
It's grand,
When love becomes your friend.