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  • The version relesed on the b-side of the PLB 7" picture disc is an accoustic version

Lyrical Errors

Love Mandarin

My shirt still smells of the perfume that you wear,
And my comb still holds your hair,
Who says that it's by my desire?
My heart still burns like a raging fire.

You've always looked your loveliest,
When you're lonely,
And I've always looked my best,
When I'm lost,
You put your arms around me,
And lied that you loved me,
Oh but you tasted to delicious and sweet,
I love you.

Put your love to the test,
Pick your fruit at it's ripest,
And despite all my dreams were delicious extremes,
I love you.

The dance of an actress,
Needlecraft of a seamstress,
One glance in the dark left such a deep mark,
Deep into rapture,
Oh the oilpaint can't capture,
The art of a Rembrandt,
Tone of a descant,
Temperament willing,
Your touch is so thrilling,
Sweet butterfly kisses,
So many near misses,
I love you.