• One of William Potter's favourite Cud recordings "for the moment when the wind chimes come in."

Lyrical Errors

Love In A Hollow Tree

She's the chief toast in town,
When all the others are gone but she's still around,
Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth,
And cheese would probably choke her,
Love in a hollow tree,
If he'd be hanged he'll come hopping
If she'd be drowned she'll come dropping
Love in a hollow tree.

I'm so full of love, I'm fit to burst,
You make me drunk enough,
But I still have a thirst,
My goodness is going out?
Won't you stop give me a clue to what it's all about?
Love in a hollow tree.

She's so sweet, toasted almonds,
I want to dress you all up in polka dot salmon.