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Lyrical Errors


Hello, L.O.V.E. love,
I've found love,
Hello, L.O.V.E. love,
You know I think I've found love,
And so what if it's going to mean some heartbreak and pain,
That wouldn't stop me doing the whole thing again,
Hello L.O.V.E. love,
I've found love,
I've found love.

Take a bow,
Before the curtain's down,
You know a smile is how,
We always hide a frown,
I've said my lines,
I've made them laugh,
Painted face,
And a broken heart,
A broken heart,
Until the day you send that valentines card.

Tomorrow is the day that I'm gonna make you mine,
That's if tommorrow, tomorrow gets here on time,
I can see the thoughts in me,
That you say are blind,
I say this love,
This crazy love,
This love is driving me out of my mind.

Our love is true when no words are said,
Sights obscene that bring this credit to your queen,
Listen not hear it die,
But only til your heart's sigh.