Lyrical Errors


I want to fly,
I want to paraglide.
I want to do,
The things that I love,
I'm gonna to move to Southern France,
With the sand below and the sky above.

Leave the smog and dust behind,
Let my hair grow curly and long,
Not gonna shave for a week or two,
Have a daisy chain, invite my friends along.

I've never seen a butterfly,
Nine to five's got me on my knees,
You can leave all your things at home,
We'll find our food on the trees, find our drink in the seas,
If I see another pizza,
The quality of life is so much better here,
Even Johnny Pill he thinks so,
And I'd rather drink wine than I'd rather drink beer.


Je t'adore le bicyclette,
Je t'adore l'amour,
Je sortis au Cote d'Azur,
Sable adleb soliel d’accord,
Je me sens anonyme,
Dans la ville automatique,
Ne de sans lotte depuis Lundi,
Nous avons vacances,
En Geastique.

I love you, the little bicycle,
i love you, love,
I'm going out to the Cote d'Azur,
??????? the sun agreeable,
I feel anonymous,
In the automatic town,
Without something since Monday,
We're having a holiday,
In Geastique