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  • Lyrical snatches of this song would later surface in Carl Puttnam's contribution to the Dope Smugglaz b-side "88-99".

Lyrical Errors

Lighthouse of Love

I was sickening,
I was missing out on love,
I was sickening,
'Til you came into my life,
When, like an angel, you led me through the fire
And, like an angel, you flew on wings of desire.

Positively giving, I'm positively singing,
Positively living, I'm living in your love
I'm positively giving, I'm positively singing,
Positively living, la-la-la-la living in your love.

They tried to tempt me,
But I'm smitten by your love,
All the things they offered me,
Were never theirs to give,
Cos like an angel, a lighthouse in the storm,
Like an angel, you sheltered me from harm.

You were shaken by the waking of my love,
How could we have expected it to be so very, very good?