• A live favourite, "I've Had It With Blondes" was often the last song the band played, Carl, William and Mike leaving the stage drenched in feedback and with Steve still pounding away on his drums.

Lyrical Errors

I've Had It With Blondes

I was a teenage stamp collector,
I'd lay on my back and you'd stamp on my face,
And in the towns where I live,
There's stamp collectors all over the place.

I never said your dress was saggy,
That I thought your tights were baggy,
But I kept in mind,
Your intellect I felt in kind.

I know you've already been told,
But let me say it again,
Let me say it one more time,
Things Get Worse When You Get Older.

This might sound like a whole load of cack,
But just wait till the guys from Planet X get back,
7AM July 5th 1998,
But don't hold your breath expectorate.

How could I have been stupid enough,
To have placed my faith in someone so devoid of love,
It seems the time I spent with you could have been time better employed,
When all my life shared with you was a totally void.